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There's nothing more important to your relationship with your dog than training. It's critical to shaping reliable behaviour and creating a happy, well-balanced dog.

Mutt Love Dog Training provides cutting-edge, science-based, solutions for all types of situations. Dog training should be fun, engaging and strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Our approach to training is a lot like our approach to dog walking. We know using positive reinforcement and careful management will enrich our dog's lives and produce reliable results.

Emma Bongers owner of Mutt Love, and our lead trainer, will guide you on your training journey. You will receive all the knowledge, skills and support you need to achieve anything you'd like to with your pup. Included in private training is a customized booklet, complete with info graphics for reference and review. Private training is completely customized to you and your dog's needs. Contact us to get started!

Private Basic Training Package: 250$+tax

Includes one 1.5 hour consultation where we form a trainig plan specifically tailored to you and your dog's needs. Followed by an hour follow up lesson, a week or two later, to hone skills and make sure you are successful. Suitable for addressing a specific obedience training issue. (Not suitable for behaviour mod or more in-depth training)

Private Full Training Package: 550$+tax

Includes one 1.5 hour consultation where we form a training plan specifically tailored to you and your dog. Followed by 4 weekly one-hour long training lessons where we develop skills and help you master any issues you are having with your dog. Suitable for puppy obedience and more challenging training issues.

Puppy Play Date (4 group lessons): 200$+tax

This in-depth group socialization class will give you all the tools you need to raise the perfect puppy. Held at the Collar Club on Monday nights at 7pm, the course runs for 4 weeks. Our class is play-based so puppies will get to socialize with pups their own age, while we teach you about how to supervise play, read body language and use positive interrupters. We will also introduce your pup to all types of new and novel things as they explore our enrichment room and obstacle course. Next, we swap puppies! Not only will you teach your dog a new trick but someone new will teach your dog a trick. This is a fun way for your puppy to experience new people and learn from them. The exercises we will work on in each class will prevent problem behaviours and set your puppy on the right track. Everything we teach is 100% safe and fun. You and your new little pup will have all the tools you need to tackle life head-on!



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