Puppies are adorable, mischievous and let’s face it, a lot of work! Mutt Love is here to help.


Socialize: Puppyhood is the prime time to socialize your dog. Our walkers take the time to appropriately exposes your pup to different sights, sounds and people, building their confidence in the world. This is a crucial stage in development and Mutt Love will keep you in the know about your puppies progress.


Potty train: One of the  first hurtles you and your pup will face together is going to the bathroom in the house. Mutt Love can help you with one or two pee breaks a day so your baby can get a handle on holding it. We can also offer you lots of tips and techniques that will help you house break in no time.


Educate: Your puppy starts learning the ropes as soon as you bring it home. Start early, be consistent and make it fun! On our walks your puppy will be introduced to basic training using Positive Reinforcement and Force free handling. For consistency we will tell you all about it and will happily share tips on nipping, jumping, chewing and crate training, to name a few.


Once your puppy is fully vaccinated they can graduate to the Adventure Run, where your pup will burn their energy and learn to play with other dogs. Mutt Love is here for you every step of the way.


 $25 one visit  

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