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Puppies are adorable, mischievous and let’s face it, a lot of work! Mutt Love is here to help.


Socialize: Puppyhood is the prime time to socialize your dog. Our walkers take the time to appropriately expose your pup to different sights, sounds and people, building their confidence in the world. This is a crucial stage in development and Mutt Love will keep you in the know about your puppies progress.


Potty train: One of the first hurdles you and your pup will face together is going to the bathroom in the house. Mutt Love can help you with one or two pee breaks a day so your baby can get a handle on holding it. We can also offer you lots of tips and techniques that will help you housebreak in no time.

 $25 per visit  



Your puppy starts learning the ropes as soon as you bring it home. Start early, be consistent and make it fun! If you need additional support on your pup's training journey, we offer a four-week private puppy training program. We cover the basics of creating and maintaining appropriate behaviour as well as troubleshooting any issues that arise. We include exercises on socialization as well as basic manners like leash walking, impulse control, mat work, focus, and recall, to name a few.

 $375 for four private lessons



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